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The Basics

NAME: Xanxus
TITLES: Vongola XI (Vongola Undicesimo), Boss of the Independent Assassination Squad, Boss of the Vongola in Eros
AGE: chronologically 35, physically 27
HAIR: Black
EYES: Blood red/Crimson
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 176lbs
BUILD: Wall of muscle

SEXUALITY: bi-sexual
OCCUPATION: Mafia Boss, Assassin
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Vongola Headquarters (formerly Burke) in Eros and a room in LC (Perdita's wing)

X-Guns - A pair of handguns made by Xanxus himself, styled after the Beretta 96 Combat. These guns have been created to store and condense the energy of his Dying Will Flames before being released in powerful, destructive blasts. Xanxus has even figured out a way to "fly", using the power of the blasts directed towards the ground to propel himself upward.
»Pistole Imperator Animale (Animal Emperor Guns/King of Beasts Guns)- Bester and the X-Guns fuse to create a gun so powerful it can destroy entire floors of buildings in one blast.
Upgraded Varia Sky Ring - An A ranked ring (only the Vongola Rings are ranked higher). They were made of the "fragments of the Rainbow" (the thing that made the Vongola rings) left over from Vongola Secondo, Xanxus possesses the Sky Ring, with which he can channel his blames into his box weapon
Box Weapon Bester - Boxes are small cube shaped pseudo technology that stores powerful flame based weaponry inside. Inserting Dying Will Flames into the box will release the weapon held inside. Bester is one such weapon. He is Leone di Cieli (Sky Lion) and possess the attribute of Harmonization (his roar turns people to stone). However, when Xanxus' Flames of Wrath are added he becomes Ligre Tempesta di Ceili (Sky and Storm Liger). He becomes far more destructive and powerful and gets the added attribute of Disintegration. (meaning after you turn to stone, that statue just...falls apart). His final ability are Armatura Platino Ligre Tempesta di Cieli (Platimun armored sky/storm liger) which basically puts armor on the cat and gives it immense defense and durability, allowing it to withstand powerful attacks. The other is Cambio Forma in which, the Box Animal of the user merges with the user's weapon or becomes a new weapon (or new weapons), greatly increasing it and the user's power. In this case, Xanxus' X-Guns.
Unsealed Vongola Cloud Ring - Given to him by Hibari, The most powerful of all Cloud Attribute Rings. It carries the attribute of "Propagation" (increasing size and numbers) and also the Soul of the First Generation Cloud user.


Xanxus was among the first group to be dragged into Eros by the Maeve. He has been living in Eros for over nine months. In some ways, his time here has changed him in subtle ways. When he arrived, he was violent, angry and directionless. Over the course of many months, he has been forced to control his anger and take charge in ways he generally leaves to his second in command. If anything, his time in Eros has forced Xanxus to step up and become the man he always claimed he could be: the Leader of the Vongola Family.

He's become close to people in ways he's never dreamed possible for him. He's always been cruel and distant, keeping people at arms length due to what his is as well as his trust issues, however, the longer he is in Eros, the more he finds himself caring for others. He lost most of his "Family" over many long months and he has gained others that he has brought in. He is highly protective of them in his own ways and he values them greatly. They are his reason for continuing down the path he has chosen.
It's not that he's any calmer, he's still a walking ball of rage and violence, he just tempers it now. There is a time and a place and he's saving up every injustice done to him so that when the time comes, he can exact his revenge. He wants to see the Maeve end in Fire and Ash even if for the moment he has to work both with them and under their noses.

Strangely charismatic and with a force of will and presence, he has blazed a trail into the underworld of the city. Though hard work and sheer stubbornness, he has taken over and is now head of a third tier Mafia Family. If he has his way, it won't be third tier for long.
Shonen  bullshittery:

Dying Will Flames/ Wave energy -
Wave Energy is the wave of life-force that flows through the human body.

The Dying Will Flame is described as high-density form this wave energy that is refined from one's own life-force. Due to the way it resonates with one's emotions, it has been regarded as a type of battle aura or chi. However, unlike the aura, which is a supernatural phenomenon that can only be seen by a few individuals, the Dying Will Flame is in many ways more alike to a real flame, possessing even its own destructive properties.

Dying Will Flames are graded according to their purity, which has a direct relationship with the strength of an individual's resolve/emotions. Among other things, this rate of purity serves to indicate how much of the special characteristics of the Flames are being drawn out. Each Flame's attribute has its own special characteristic.
»Sky Flames - Xanxus possesses a Sky Attribute Flame. These are the rarest and most comparable to actual flames. There is very little known about them, described as "having many mysteries". Bearers of the Sky-attribute are said to be exceptionally rare and most of the known ones share the common trait of possessing great insight. "Soft" Flames have a core that is pale orange in color, but they gradually become of a deeper shade in the area closer to its edges.

It's attribute is "Harmony". where in it has a state without contradiction nor flaws in which the balance of the whole is maintained. It allows the Flame's wielder to synchronize with his or her surroundings, open other Flames' Box Weapons, and to also merge other Flames with itself. The Harmony characteristic represents a state without contradiction nor flaws in which the balance of the whole is maintained.

Furthermore, three different "types" of Sky Flames have been shown. First is the "Soft" Flame which has its energy dispersed, so it is suitable for hovering or maintaining a stance. In contrast, "Hard" Flames are said to have the highest purity within Sky Flames. They are released by an increase in explosive energy and are used for a straight burst of speed or simply raw power. Xanxus is far better practiced at Hard Flames. He rarely if ever uses the Soft Flame. The third type is listed below.
»Flames of Wrath - an extremely powerful and exceedingly rare type of flame (it has only two known users). It is an amalgamation of Storm Flames and Sky Flames (Disintegration/Harmony). The special characteristic of this Flame is its extreme destructive power which can reduce anything to ashes. Unlike the regular Dying Will Flame, there is no need to use a Ring to ignite the flame. Instead, the only thing needed for the Flames to be lit is Xanxus' anger. It has also been said that he will never over use those flames. They are "boundless".

Combat - Born on the streets and then taken in and trained to become a member of the Mafia, Xanxus is no stranger to fighting. He primarily relies on his raw physical strength and his fists when not engaged in weapons combat. He's not below using any dirty tactic to get things done. He is not an honorable fighter, he will bring a gun to a knife fight. He's an incredibly skilled mafia assassin with a near 100% mission completion record and he will do whatever it takes so that he's the one to walk away. He is not above outright killing a person in a fight. Special notice should be taken for his Flames (above) as he can and will use them. He is also amazing with a gun. He is a crack shot who never misses a target when he shoots. With his special guns, he can manifest and shoot his flames through them.
»Strength- Xanxus is a villain from a shonen series. As such he is endowed with a ridiculous amount of physical strength, far more than even what his body seems capable of. At the age of 16 his baseline physical strength was enough to punch a two story hole into reinforced concrete. He wasn't even trying. He's also been depicted as throwing/kicking grown ass men for at least a mile. He is shonen ridiculous strong.
»Durability - As an arc Villain, Xanxus has a huge degree of damage reduction. He survives being frozen solid for 8 years. He survives shonen hero beatdowns. He recovers quickly from getting torn to shreds from the inside out. In much later parts of the series, he gets his arm cut off and just shrugs it off and keeps fighting.
Battle Sense - Xanxus generally knows his way around battles. He's been through 3 different mafia wars. In his timeline, he has been methodically retaking Italy back from the current Big Bad in a series of battles. He can read a battlefield and know where to place his best people. He knows where his vulnerabilities are and is generally pretty damn hard to get the drop on because of this.
Underworld Knowledge - Xanxus was raised from a very very young age to be the heir of a Mafia empire. He has lived the last 30+ years of his life (minus 8) as part of the mafia in some capacity. First as an heir and then as the leader of the most elite assassination organization in his world. As such, he knows the ins and outs of organized crime. He is very astute, knowing what to look for when it comes to crime in an area. He generally is pretty quick to pick up on who is in power and who can be bought. He received the best education money could buy on how to act around his peers. He knows negotiations and manners and how to strike a deal. He also knows how to find loopholes and how to use them to his advantage.

Linguistics - Canonically, members of the Varia are required to speak at least 7 languages. As leader of the Varia, Xanxus speaks 13. He speaks all 13 at Native Fluency levels. His languages are: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese. German, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Mandarin, and Hindi . He also speaks the language of Eros by magical default and will have mastered Aggrios' language by the end of the year.

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The Vongola Mafia family rose out of the ashes of the Burke family. He became an underboss in August and the Boss in November. At that time, he took and moved the family from Drugs to Gambling.

His primary areas are Gambling and Numbers as well as smuggling. His secondary areas are Protection and Money Laundering. At present, the Vongola is a 3rd tier mafia family in Eros. It has 40 members (npcs) at home base as well as 10 in tree city. He has one lone bastard chilling out in Thrinnda that helps with smuggling from there.

He owns the old Burke Estates, two warehouses (one of which belongs to Fayt now), as well as a Cigar Shop. He also has a secret (read no one can find it) headquarters somewhere in Eros near to where the Arena had been. He has declared the few city blocks surrounding it "Vongola Territory".

His alliances are very shaky, having lost the Rose Crest Agency, but he has contacts within the Yellow Scarves and is drinking buddies with at least one member of the Blood Tide. He also has a set of clients that are old school mafia, now retired. Who knows how much influence that old couple might still have.

His PC membership has dwindled due to recent disappearances.

Himself, Fayt, Baiken

Future Plans: Xanxus is planning on buying/getting an airship and making it into the first ever "airboat casino". It will travel between tree city and Eros and if it goes well, he wants to add more to the fleet, going from Eros to Onsra. However, that requires actually getting hands on one.
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Feb. 2015
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Rewards Requested:115
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May 2015
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Points Balance:246
August 2015
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Points Balance:463
September 2015
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Points Balance:631

Oct. 2015
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Nov. 2015
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Points Balance:970
Dec 2015
Points Earned:162
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Points Balance:1092
Jan 2016
Points Earned:105
Points Carried:1092
Rewards Requested:00
Points Balance:1197


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"The hell do you want?!"

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"This is Xanxus. Leave a message and if it's important, I might answer back"

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✘ IC
✘ Hugging: Do you really want to die? Hugging Xanxus is not exactly the smart way to go. You can hug him, but expect a violent reaction. If he hugs you, feel lucky
✘ Kissing: Sure. Lay one on him. Watch the world burn. He'll most likely initiate and it'll not be gentle...
✘ Flirting: Go for it. He might not react at first, but it also might just amuse him. It should be known that oo Xanxus fighting is a form of flirting.
✘ Fighting: Oh god yes. He's all for it. And the bloodier the better. He's pretty much a monster, powerwise, so I appreciate PMS about powers and abilities and just where we both stand on them. The better you are, the more likely Xanxus might actually grow to maybe treat you moderately better.
✘ Injuring: see the above, though he's not going to take that sitting down
✘ Killing: Let's talk it out.
✘ Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on Xanxus: Go for it! I want to see how he deals with it.

✘ Warnings: Xanxus is an extremely violent abusive bastard. He has a lot of triggers and he himself is a walking trigger warning. He doesn't hold back well. So if you're concerned with him treating your character badly/hurting them, please let me know. You can opt out of anything with Xanxus if he triggers you.

✘ OOC:
✘ Backtagging: to infinity and beyond
✘ Threadhopping: Sure! Unless, it's private, I don't see why not.
✘ Fourthwalling: Ask first
✘ Offensive subjects: None
✘ Other: I can write both in prose and brackets
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NAME: Preferred handle. Must match your reserve.
ARE YOU 18 OR OLDER?: Soooo old. still born in 1981
CONTACT: plurk - darkangel998
aim - drakekasteel

NAME: Xanxus (He's never given a last name in canon)
CANON: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
CANON POINT: Ten Years Later Arc. Xanxus has just taken the Millefiore's Headquarters
CHARACTER AGE: 34 (however he was frozen in ice for 8 years...and he doesn't count those years)
HISTORY: wiki link
Xanxus moral compass points heavily south. He is a cruel man, without mercy. He doesn't seem to care who he hurts. Enemies and allies alike have suffered under his heavy handed actions. When he was younger, he wouldn't even show sadness when those under him died. They were tools to him. To him, the ends always justified the means and if that meant stepping over the bodies of the fallen, then so be it. Even the bonds of family was something that meant little to Xanxus. His rage over his feelings of betrayal by his adopted father led him to try and take over the Vongola family. Later, he puts the man he considered his father into Gola Mosca knowing it would kill him. Friends don't fair much better. He has been known to physically harm his underlings with his favorite target usually being Squalo. (It's stated in the Fanbook that one of his hobbies is torchering Squalo). He actually laughs when he thinks Squalo is dead during the Ring Battles, pleased he's washed away another piece of his past. In the future, he breaks a hearing device calling Levi's suffering and demands for him to respond to it "fucking noise".

He is a terribly proud and confident man. He is well aware of his own strength and power and he often looks down on others for being weaker. He considers most people "Scum" or "Trash" and refers to them as such. This has actually been to his disadvantage when he underestimates the likes of Tsuna. His is beaten handily, but this defeat hasn't stopped him from still being utterly secure in his powers and abilities. In fact, during the Future Arc, Xanxus fights an entire battle seated with his feet up, showing how confident he is in himself and how little he thinks of his opponents. He even yawns and appears bored by it.

Xanxus is also very short tempered. He is quick to anger, set off even the smallest of mistakes. He is depicted throwing things and hitting his underlings. He wears his anger like armor using it to keep himself apart from people. It has also been shown that the more angry he gets, the more powerful he seems to grow (his scars also appear the more his rage builds) as a physical example of it.

Ten years later, he has not really grown up much. Ten years might have seen him mature physically and grow in his skills and power, but mentally he's still the same volatile person that got sealed into ice so long ago. His temper is still utterly horrific. Before a major decisive battle, Xanxus personally beats up three of his subordinates because he wanted a certain kind of meat prepared a certain way and they didn't do it, effectively taking out three people who could have helped in the battle. Not even the higher ranking in the Varia are safe from him. He still bullies the likes of Squalo and Levi if given half a chance. That being said, but he does tend to care about them a little more than he has in the past. But only a little. He understands their use as more than just tools and he relies on them in the Future Arc to be able to do what is needed to insure they continue to fight against the Millefiore. Before he didn't worry about them because they were expendable. Now, he doesn't worry about them now because he is confident in their own power. They can handle themselves, leaving him to take care of what he needs to do without needing to babysit. This is very evident by the fact that much of the time, his leadership style is just sitting around and letting the Varia do what they want, making orders and demands only when necessary.

His bitterness at being passed over as the 10th head of the family still lingers. This is something he'll probably never get over and it is the number one quickest way to goad him into a fight. Mentioning his defeat, even ten years later, and the fact that he wasn't chosen is a festering wound that will never fully heal. Just mentioning Tsuna's name will push him to act far more violently far quicker than he normally would. He still doesn't approve of Tsuna being the boss, even flying a flag that states that he does not acknowledge the current leader. That being said, he is to be able to get over himself long enough to help the Vongola Famiglia in their time of need. Even when he is offered the position of Vongola Boss under the Millefiore, he refuses, saying he only wants Vongola at it's strongest and that he's rather puke than work for scumbags like Byakuran and the Millefiore. He admits that regardless of his personal feelings and internal strife, when the Vongola is attacked, they are all as one (meaning they will work together for a common goal). Later, he personally joins Tsuna in a battle against Byakuran showing that he indeed can put aside his personal grievances long enough to work together though he is still highly insulted that Byakuran thinks Tsuna has made him submit to Tsuna's leadership. Almost immediately after that battle, he is back to actively disrespecting Tsuna.

He's a very strong physical fighter. He can take and trade blows with the best of them. He is arguably one of the stronger characters in his canon, able to fight the likes of Hibari to a stand still. He's also proficient with weapons, especially firearms.

Flames of Wrath: Xanxus' flames are much like Tsuna's Dying Will Flames, only Xanxus' flames are fueled by his rage. The more angry he gets, the more powerful his flames become. He's come up with many variations of the use of these flames, but mostly uses them in conjunction with his X Guns.

Ligre di Tempesta di Ciel: Also called Bester, is Xanxus's animal type box weapon. Bester is actually a mixed breed between a Sky Lion and Tigre Tempesta. Its attack is a roar, which uses the Sky attribute of harmony to petrify, and then the Storm attribute of degeneration to cause the petrified object to crumble.

Later on, Bester is able to fuse with his X-Guns, making them far more powerful

It is said that the Varia all have a Deadly sin they represent. Xanxus represents wrath. He has a powerful, destructive anger. He lashes out at friends and enemies alike and the angrier he is, the more powerful he seems to become.

Along with wrath though, Xanxus also has a great deal of pride. He is very proud of himself and his power. He belittles everyone weaker than himself and believes that he should be the 10th leader of the Vongola family, regardless of the actual decision. He resents that enough that he refuses to go to the Inheritance Ceremony because Tsuna will be there.

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